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Our Mission Statement

The Source Zero exists to provide a resource for people who are working towards limiting their plastic footprint. We bring together women’s small businesses whose mission is in line with ours and provide a judgment-free education zone on how we can alter one thing at a time to keep our plastic use minimal.

Visit the shop for a soap refill bar and other daily essentials that are earth conscious, locally made, and well crafted for longevity. Whether you refill a used bottle at our soap bar or switch over to a bamboo toothbrush, know that every little action counts and adds up to create a positive impact on the planet and community around us.

  • San Jose, Ca (Founding Store)

    Located inside the

    San Pedro Square Marketplace in the heart of Downtown San Jose, Ca. Featuring many California makers and artists.

    100 N. Almaden Ave. Suite 171

    San Jose, Ca

    Refill Bar Items 
  • Berthoud, Co (Sister Store)

    Located in Downtown Berthoud, Co. Our first sister store featuring Colorado makers and artists. A large refillery in a burgeoning picturesque small town.

    434 mountain Ave.Berthoud, Co

    Colorado Website 
  • Wholesale

    Interested in wholesaling our line of hand made products?

    Send us an email/Link to Faire account