About Us

About the Store

The Source Zero is San Jose’s first zero waste shop and soap refill boutique. We also sell locally made home goods from various female artisans based in the Bay Area.

Come stop by and be inspired to live a more sustainable, low waste lifestyle. Whether it be through joining us for a zero waste workshop, or refilling any container at our bulk bar, every little action counts and adds up to create a positive impact on the planet and community around us.

Don't Be Trashy Be Earth Classy

About the Founder

Ashley Merz


In love with nature, animals, and our earth, Ashley always knew she wanted to build a life around these interests. She is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Anthropology, bringing together her love of human diversity and connectedness, and also an understudy in Earth Sciences. The Source Zero is a combination of her many passions, as well as the desire to leave a positive impact on the planet.

As The Source Zero grows, Ashley hopes to have a percentage of the profits go towards building an animal sanctuary. Of course, she could not do this without an amazing team at the shop and eventually at the sanctuary. It truly takes a village to make dreams realized, and she prides herself on bringing together the right people at the right time.