Food wax wraps are the perfect eco-friendly, reusable, natural alternative to plastic wrap. Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap to create a breathable seal. Wash in cold water with a mild dish soap then hang or lay flat to dry. No microwaves, dishwashers, or hot temperatures. Compost at end of life. Patterns may vary from pack to pack.

Dimensions: Starter set – includes one 8 x 7 inches, one 11 x 10 inches, one 13 x 13 inches wraps

Small set – includes three 8 x 7 inches wraps

Medium set – includes three 11 x 10 inches wraps

Large set –  includes two 13 x 13 inches beeswax wraps

Material: Beeswax wraps – 100% pure beeswax, natural tree resin, organic jojoba oil, cotton

Vegan wraps – 100% pure candelilla wax, natural tree resin, organic jojoba oil, cotton

Made in California