Enjoy the taste of natural spring water, plastic free with an activated charcoal stick! Kishu Charcoal is ready to use upon opening the package – once placed in water, it begins adsorbing impurities while also imparting healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Pet: simply add to any pet water bowl.

To Go: works for 12-16 ounce water bottle, optimal filtration time 1-2 hours.

Regular: works for 1-2 quart pitcher, optimal filtration time 6-8 hours.

X-Large: works for 3-5 gallon jug, optimal filtration time is 48 hours.

To renew, simply boil gently in a shallow pan of water for 5 minutes once a month, allow to dry out for 20 minutes before reusing. Each stick lasts 4 months.