The Source Zero exists to provide a resource for people who are working towards limiting their plastic footprint. We bring together women’s small businesses whose mission is in line with ours and provide a judgment-free education zone on how we can alter one thing at a time to keep our plastic use minimal.

Visit the shop for a soap refill bar and other daily essentials that are earth conscious, locally made, and well crafted for longevity. Whether you refill a used bottle at our soap bar or switch over to a bamboo toothbrush, know that every little action counts and adds up to create a positive impact on the planet and community around us.



Nikole has been working since the young age of 14.

When she was working in a general store, a gentleman told her that “you do a job for 10 years, something else for another 10, and continue on with that pattern.” Unknowingly that is what has happened over the years. For 10 years she worked in the service industry, for another 10 she was a brand ambassador for prestigious companies, and then a life enrichment director in senior living, and now a small business owner! Nikole has always had an interest in yoga, physical activity, and physiology of the body. She is a graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Health & Exercise Science, with a focus on Health Promotion.

Nikole hopes to educate, empower, and inspire individuals to make small changes in their daily living toward more reusable sustainable choices. Nikole has worked with The Source Zero for years working farmers markets, craft fairs and other local events to bring low waste lifestyle items to Northern Colorado. She is now owner and operator of her own boutique in the town of Berthoud, bringing local women-owned small businesses together, to get their beautiful plastic free products out to the community. Through the opportunity of the Source Zero, she wishes to be involved with other initiatives in Colorado to clean up our communities, and spread the word on ways we can save our winters, our rivers, plant trees, and make an impact in the environment we live in.”